Head of Value Management Offering

Role Title – VC181218

Job Description & Responsibilities 

Reporting directly to the Portfolio Lead, the Head of the Value Management Offering will manage and mentor a small team comprised of Financial Analysts while serving as the head of the Offering in a variety of capacities. In addition to performing client service work up to 50% of the time, this position will be held accountable for developing a Value Management Offering that is excellent, appealing, differentiated and well-integrated with our other services. The themes associated with these responsibilities include:

  • Keeing our offerings excellent, differentiated and aligned to evolving needs in the market.
  • Keeping our messaging clear, compelling and representative of what we offer
  • Keeping our collateral high quality, up to date and on message
  • Supporting Sales with leads and credible, savvy pre-sales people who can inspire with solutions
  • Supporting Delivery with strong solutionists, tools, and methods built on reuse of what works
  • Supporting a 2x growth in our business in the next two years in such a way as to enable 10x growth

This position is responsible for designing and building out complex financial models and tooling which serve as the foundation for business cases for large and complex IT transformation initiatives and integrating the models and financial data with tooling designed and managed by other teams within the firm. The financial management and analytical approaches employed by the Head of the Value Management Offering should be consistent with the consulting industry’s financial management best practices.  The role requires expertise in financial modeling, advanced use of Microsoft Excel and a basic understanding of IT cost accounting and engagement economics.

The Head of the Value Management Offering will be held accountable for the overall performance of engagements from a financial, solution, schedule, resource and overall client benefit perspective.

This position will also be required to support business development teams with pre-sales support, which includes but is not limited to assembling sales and marketing material for the Value Management Offerings, presenting the sales and marketing material to prospective clients, drafting statements of work (SoW) for review by engagement managers, delivery leads and sales personnel, and estimating the costs associated with proposed initiatives as well as the time required to complete the work from a scheduling perspective.

The Head of the Value Management Offering will be held responsible for the growth of Offering and its capability to support new and ongoing initiatives. The position requires the candidate to think about new business opportunities and develop the execution plan and tooling to support those opportunities.

Virtual Clarity is an innovative, fast moving company which is always looking for new opportunities and building out the capabilities required for new initiatives. The Head of the Value Management Offering must be forward thinking and develop new financial models, tooling and solutions so that business cases can be developed for a variety of IT transformation initiatives which may or may not have been part of the portfolio.

Desired Skills, Experience & Education

  • Strong background in finance or accounting with experience with cost accounting, modelling and benefits realization 
  • Able to create and present executive level business cases and design and build complex financial models which support those business cases. 
  • Understanding GAAP accounting principles and able to apply them to business cases
  • Proven track record of successfully leading a department, business unit or teams within a business unit, preferably within a finance function 
  • Strong history of succesfully building and implementing positive business-changing processes, procedures and tooling 
  • Experience working with one or more of the following is required: Public / Privat Cloud, Data Science, Value Management
  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills with experience presenting to client's senior leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative, prioritize work, manage time and respond effectively in a rapidly changing environment 
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven team environment and adapt to evolving responsibilities and last minute changes 
  • Ability to manage internal and external stakeholder expectations and communicate appropriately (in person or over the phone)
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in assessing and mitigating risks through risk planning
  • Able to manage a cross functional key internal partners and LOBs critical to our success
  • Able to work effectively and build relationships with department managers, project managers and sales teams 
  • Able to directly manage and/or mentor small teams
  • Able to develop, direct, motivate and gain commitment with teams, and navigate in a highly matrixed organization effectively 
  • Solid working knowledge of MS Office Suite software
  • Bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience is required 
  • Minimum 8 years of experience with financial data gathering and analysis is required 
  • Prior experience working in financial technology or financial services industries a plus 


Our Company

Virtual Clarity is a Technology Consultancy business, with offices in the USA and Europe. Business leaders know that transforming I.T. into a Service is a shift that needs to happen.  But many don't know how to get there.  Getting our customers there simply, is simply all we do. We untangle their I.T., taking it from complex legacy, to a clear, cloud infrastructure, that will help make them and their business clean, lean and ready for a nimble future.

We not only help customers refine their technology vision, but also help them sell it to the rest of their company, so that everyone can see the need for change, and most importantly, get excited about it.  In fact, our remit goes beyond advisory services into the realms of getting things done.  We are active participants in the task of creating I.T. as a Service.

If I.T. is keeping customers awake, it's not working.  Fundamental change can feel like stepping into the abyss.  We know that CIOs and CTOs already have plenty of things keeping them awake at night - no one needs more!  Thankfully, the benefits of moving to ITaaS far outweigh any reasons to stay as they are, and our current clients are sleeping all the better for making that move. 


Our Culture

We are an entrepreneurial business, where almost everyone comes into contact with the customer, at some point.  We are informal unless required to be otherwise, by our customers, where, much of the time, we work on-site.

We work with game changers, believers and visionaries.  We give a damn; not everyone thinks it’s cool to care, but we do.  We care about our customers and about our people.  We’re obsessed with return on energy and deliver return on investment.  We are a collective of change makers and focused thinkers; we actually make it happen.

The VC tone is SMART, RELEVANT & FUN.  We are actively NOT corporate.  Our intention is to offer all our people opportunities to produce, learn and teach, as well as a platform for taking their career to the next stage.