Cloud Security SME – VC1802301

Job Description

You are an experienced information technology security professional with strong security architecture and technical skills in cloud environments.  You understand the business and technical benefits provided by ‘the cloud’, as well as the security challenges ‘the cloud’ presents.  You understand and can find balance between security, compliance, risk management, operational effectiveness, and business opportunity.

You have a strong knowledge in a broad range of modern IT Security solutions, tools, techniques and processes within Azure and AWS environments and what they can and cannot contribute to security, compliance, operational effectiveness, and efficiency.  You have experience in designing, creating, and applying these solutions at one or more major companies.

You are an excellent listener, and as a result, people listen to you.  You take careful notes of what the clients say and share with colleagues to ensure that we collectively develop the right solutions for our clients.

You are creative and knowledgeable.  You are also able to communicate complicated security, compliance and technical topics in simple terms.  You can differentiate between people, processes and technology, and the importance of each in any solution.  You believe that security can be an enabler and that a balance is necessary between business opportunities and security.

You enjoy being an integrated part of a team of highly experienced experts who work out solutions to customer problems.  You prefer working in an integrated manner with technologists, developers, business stakeholders, and compliance managers.  You believe active participation is the best path to finding viable solutions.

You are willing to spend time at client premises to engage with the client.  You are also self-motivated and able to work effectively from your home.


Primary Responsibilities 

  • =         Participating in IT Security and Compliance workstreams in enterprise deployments of Public Cloud solutions

    =         Utilizing an agile program approach, including an ability synthesize and commit to weekly deliverables.

    =         Collaborate on solutions with teams involved in infrastructure and application development, as well as operations.

    =         Partnering with customer experts in Risk, Compliance and IT Security to understand their requirements.

    =         Designing security solutions that satisfy customer’s security and compliance needs

    =         A relentless focus on solutions that provide business benefits.  Warning when there is any appearance of technology for its own sake.

    =         Analyzing client-proposed solutions and tactfully presenting where improvements should be made

    =         Producing high quality documentation as required.  This will include architecture diagrams and written commentary on proposals

    =         Presenting the consequences of the client’s preferences in tactful but clear terms

    =         Advising where the client may be mis-interpreting regulations either in a way that is stricter than intended or inadequately strict.  Noting the consequences of such interpretations


Desired Skills and Education

  • =         Expertise in cloud security technologies, including:

    o   Azure and AWS cloud platforms

    o   Infrastructure tools available, and in support of, cloud technologies

    o   Security tools that are appropriate and relevant for use in cloud solutions

    =         Knowledgable in one or more current compliance and regulatory frameworks such as ISO 27001, and CSA CCM

    =         Excellent written and spoken English

    o   spelling, grammatical accuracy and written style

    =         Comfortable working in the global business culture of leading enterprises

    =         Personable and comfortable working with senior professionals

    =         Security certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CSA CCSP are desirable but not mandatory

    =         Completely comfortable with the modern tools of document production, the MS office suite

    =         A life-long learner, committed to personal improvement and professional practice, with a restless intellect and genuine interest in working with cutting-edge technologies.

Our Company

Virtual Clarity is a Technology Consultancy business, with offices in the USA and Europe.  Business leaders know that transforming I.T. into a Service is a shift that needs to happen.  But many don't know how to get there.  Getting our customers there simply, is simply all we do.  We untangle their I.T., taking it from complex legacy, to a clear, cloud infrastructure, that will help make them and their business clean, lean and ready for a nimble future.

We not only help customers refine their technology vision, but also help them sell it to the rest of their company, so that everyone can see the need for change, and most importantly, get excited about it.  In fact, our remit goes beyond advisory services into the realms of getting things done.  We are active participants in the task of creating I.T. as a Service.

If I.T. is keeping customers awake, it's not working.  Fundamental change can feel like stepping into the abyss.  We know that CIOs and CTOs already have plenty of things keeping them awake at night - no one needs more! Thankfully, the benefits of moving to ITaaS far outweigh any reasons to stay as they are, and our current clients are sleeping all the better for making that move. 

Our Culture

We are an entrepreneurial business, where almost everyone comes into contact with the customer, at some point. We are informal unless required to be otherwise, by our customers, where much of the time we work on-site.

We work with game changers, believers and visionaries.  We give a damn: not everyone thinks it’s cool to care, but we do.  We care about our customers and about our people.  We’re obsessed with return on energy and deliver return on investment.  We are a collective of change makers and focused thinkers; we actually make it happen.

The VC tone is SMART, RELEVANT & FUN.  We are actively NOT corporate.  Our intention is to offer all our people opportunities to produce, learn and teach, as well as a platform for taking their career to the next stage.