Cloud Architect Azure - VC1711301

Job Description

We are seeking an architect with in-depth and hands-on experience with Azure cloud architecture and deployment experience to execute vision and strategic direction for our clients.  The candidate will be able to set architectural direction for business and IT technology projects.

The candidate will have experience deploying and architecting cloud platforms, designing cloud-native applications, automating their delivery and operational processes, while operating within enterprise data security and compliance constraints.  The experience should include in-depth and hands-on experience in cloud deployment including environments, platforms, and tooling (automation and orchestration).  They will have experience migrating enterprise applications to ulitize native cloud services.

They will have extensive experience in deploying infrastructure and applications in a cloud based environment for scalability, resiliency, availability, recovery.  They will have designed and implemented processes for the deployment of infrastructure and applications. 

They will have built applications resident in Azure and have a working knowledge related to building, orchestrating, and securing microservices within containers using technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, etc is a plus.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Experience customizing RBAC roles to provide finer-grained security 
  • An understanding of how application authentication and authorization work with Azure
  • ADExperience with Azure HSM and interfaces to Key Vault PowerShell scripting experience, ideally with deep knowledge of the Azure Resource Manager pwsh cmdlets 
  • Demonstrated capabilities with Azure Resource Manger template creation and deployment using either JSON and/or a tool like Terraform 
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and project management skills  
  • Computer science or related IT degree preferred
  • Preferably have an infrastructure as well as development background
  • A deep technical acumen and breadth of experience involving multiple technologies, platforms, and cloud native architectures.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of building systems that perform which are cost efficient and employ security practices that are at the highest degrees of compliance with industry standards.
  • The ability to handle multiple priorities and initiatives.
  • A demonstrated history of intellectual curiosity and learning agility; stays on the forefront of business and technology solutions, especially around cloud services and migration processes.
  • Application/software and DevOps experience developing well architected, high performing, and scalable microservice based architectures that are resilient and recoverable is also highly desirable.
  • Our Company

    Virtual Clarity is a Technology Consultancy business, with offices in the USA and Europe. Business leaders know that transforming I.T. into a Service is a shift that needs to happen.  But many don't know how to get there.  Getting our customers there simply, is simply all we do. We untangle their I.T., taking it from complex legacy, to a clear, cloud infrastructure, that will help make them and their business clean, lean and ready for a nimble future.

    We not only help customers refine their technology vision, but also help them sell it to the rest of their company, so that everyone can see the need for change, and most importantly, get excited about it.  In fact, our remit goes beyond advisory services into the realms of getting things done.  We are active participants in the task of creating I.T. as a Service.

    If I.T. is keeping customers awake, it's not working.  Fundamental change can feel like stepping into the abyss.  We know that CIOs and CTOs already have plenty of things keeping them awake at night - no one needs more!  Thankfully, the benefits of moving to ITaaS far outweigh any reasons to stay as they are, and our current clients are sleeping all the better for making that move. 

    Our Culture

    We are an entrepreneurial business, where almost everyone comes into contact with the customer, at some point.  We are informal unless required to be otherwise, by our customers, where much of the time we work on-site.

    We work with game changers, believers and visionaries.  We give a damn: not everyone thinks it’s cool to care, but we do.  We care about our customers and about our people.  We’re obsessed with return on energy and deliver return on investment.  We are a collective of change makers and focused thinkers; we actually make it happen.

    The VC tone is SMART, RELEVANT & FUN.  We are actively NOT corporate.  Our intention is to offer all our people opportunities to produce, learn and teach, as well as a platform for taking their career to the next stage.